Millennial Men and Manhood: how do they view it?

New research indicates that millennial men may be rejecting traditional views of manhood – in their attitudes, values, language, behavior, relationships, careers, and their definition of success. Researchers at the University of British Columbia, Canada, surveyed 630 milennial-aged men, aged 15-29, from Western Canada. Results published in April 2018, in the journal Psychology of Men…

Lee Holley, cartoonist of Ponytail, a teenage girl, researched real life

American cartoonist, Lee Holley, was famous for his depictions of a teenage girl, Ponytail Johnson, from the 1960s to 1980s, which he researched by going to pizza parlors

Science of fatherhood

The science of fatherhood reveals a 10-year study of men’s health during their partner’s pregnancy, and what happens psychologically when they become a father

Director Ron Howard, the star in Star Wars spin-off Han Solo movie

Ron Howard will direct the untitled Han Solo spinoff movie for Lucasfilm and Disney – who own the Star Wars films – after directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller left the production midstream. Howard’s directorship was announced on 22 June 2017, swiftly after the previous directors left. “At Lucasfilm … we’re thrilled to announce that…