David Yi puts men’s grooming and beauty in a Very Good Light



Fashion writer David Yi has launched a website that puts men’s grooming and beauty in a very good light. The name of the website is – Very Good Light.

David Yi wanted a forum for men like himself and his fellow co-workers at Mashable to become confident in their own skin – and get advice on grooming and beauty. His website aims to redefine masculinity and men’s beauty standards through ‘True Life’ articles, and sections on Face, Body, Hair, and Look. It has interesting and effective photography and videos, with plenty of advice and product reviews.

In his website article, Yi defines Very Good Light as ‘the leading men’s beauty and grooming destination for Generation Z and young Millennials … We believe that confidence starts from the inside out.’

Yi states the he created the website ‘to be a safe haven and a non-judgmental space for guys to talk about “manly” things from all spectrums of manhood’ and ‘for anyone who seeks to express their identity, their struggles, triumphs, and failures.’

He adds, ‘And everyone is welcome, of course. Just because we’ll be talking about issues guys deal with doesn’t mean girls don’t deal with some of the same things. Not only are most of my friends women, but I’m proud to call myself a feminist. Being masculine to me is also about having the utmost respect for people from all genders—however you choose to identify.’

He aims to have lots and lots of guides – ‘easily digestible tips for when a guy wants to look his best. How to hide your hickey? Should you shave your pits? Brow jobs and why they’re so good. Yeah, all questions you and I have asked ourselves but never wanted to ask anyone else. These aren’t tips from your girlfriends, mothers, or sisters. They’re tips for guys written by guys.’

He concludes, ‘It’s an exciting time to be alive, my friends! And what I’ve concluded is that in our modern age, a man certainly cannot be defined. He can wear makeup, he can wear dresses, he can play basketball, he can rap, sing, dance, can be in love women or men or anyone in between. He can cry, he can be emotional, he can be angry, brash, scared. He can be human.’




Photographs: from David Yi’s website http://www.verygoodlight.com

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