Inside Gallantoro: Return of the Gentleman – 7 ethics of value

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A new website, Gallantoro, brings back the gentleman. Gallantoro provides ‘signature pieces’ of ‘class and sophistication that makes the man.’ But also, as their website says: Gallantoro is dedicated to reviving the spirit of what it means to be a gentleman by embracing the traditions of the old. By looking to the past, Gallantoro intends to promote seven ethics of value:

  1. courage
  2. justice
  3. generosity
  4. loyalty
  5. respect
  6. humility
  7. hope

The Gallantoro Code

Courage – Be Brave: … display courage proudly in the face of adversity

Justice – Eliminate Inequalty: … deliver what you know to be just

Generostiy – Give Freely: … deal good to those around you

Loyalty – Unwavering Allegiance: … your word is your bond

Respect – Bestow Honour: … be honourable to those of merit

Humility – Banish Ego: … be gracious in defeat and humble in triumph

Hope – Relentless Pursuit: … live as if you’ll die today

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